I got back at 3 this morning. Bleurggh.

Here, let me explain/start from the beginning.

Work went lovely yesterday. Since I am now able to serve alcohol (BRAVA 18) I don't need someone hovering around me while I work register. It was marvelous.
Oh, and I can now mix mimosas, you're welcome world. An older gentleman resisting temptation to say an old cooooot. told me I looked like Michelle Williams. I had no idea who she was. I DO NOW. DON'T WORRY. I JUST DON'T SEE THE RESEMBLANCE.

Anyhow. After work, I went to a gig with Nate in Berkeley. At the Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center. WOOO. The headliner was a band called Antioquia. But my favorite band of the evening was Major Powers & The LO-FI Symphony.

And it lasted until 2. We were not expecting that. BUT I WENT TO BERKELEY FOR THE FIRST TIME!



Antioquia performing

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