Tea, Brownies, and Album Parties

Past few days have been busy... and tiring. We made pizza on Thursday...

Mmm. Many things on pizza...

Friday was a HUGELY busy day. I walked in to the restaurant before my shift so I could read for a little bit, settle into the groove, get a handle on how busy we were... I needed to clock in early to make sandwiches. We were out of everything. Everything, I tell you. It was a little ridiculous. Then there was this war in which everyone was trying to get Junior to do different things. Sandwiches first guys, we're not "The American Lemonade Kitchen"... although that would be pretty hysterical. But when we reopened for the ball game shift, I was on register. Hooooorah. While working register, people tend to ask for beer recommendations. Being under the age of 21, I can't really do that. I told someone that and he said, "NO. You can't be that young!" It honestly took 3 minutes of me responding, "But I am. But I really am." I don't think he took me seriously. Later that evening, after we closed, there were a couple of young woman still sitting at the bar, finishing their sandos. It was one of their birthdays, so I decided to do something nice, but I needed to make sure they were over 21 first... sensible, right? I asked for their IDs and they said, "Only if you show us yours!" ... "I'm 18, I'm not going to show you my ID." It was another five minutes before they believed me. (They were over 21, I split a pint of beer (on me) between them. They were very excited.) They proceeded to ask me all sorts of questions, delighting in my youth and the fact they could call me "Junior". I think she had a good birthday.

Today, I decided that I needed to get out and about on my last day off... see the world through tourists' eyes. So I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. I made a friend on the bus and we talked about the bus lines we hated most, the token crazies (on the bus), and camp counselors going absolutely wild after the campers leave. 
Shakespeare Garden -- Every Plant He Mentions in His Works 
I think this sign of the ground explains the above...

BUDDHA -- In The Tea Garden 
Very Pretty

Doesn't it look hella zen?

Totally zen.

The pond.

I had a lovely time walking around the garden. I eventually went to lunch at their tourist tea house, but I didn't mind. I read a book and drank my tea quietly. (I hate going out to eat alone... I never feel right reading a book in a restaurant.) From the tea house, I decided it was time to walk back so I could take the dogs for walkies! Yayyy walkies.

Walked by the Conservatory of Flowers on my way back.
I finally got to Panhandle Park and I see some familiar dogs in the distance. Heidi had gotten back from her class early and decided to take the girlies for a jog. Stella was very excited to see me so I said all the hellos to her and Tilly. Heidi and I talked about work and she made to continue her jog. Stella gave me a painful look and decided she wouldn't go anywhere without me. I was very touched, actually. She really used to not care if I went on walks or not, but she came trotting up to me, insisting I kill myself jogging with her. Every time I go for a jog with Stella I'm wearing jeans. Jogging in jeans suck, but Heidi and I had a good time. After our outing, I was left alone with the puppies and decided to bake some brownies, because brownies rock. I actually used the bailey's brownie recipe from an earlier post (no, I don't know which one). and substituted Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur for the Baileys. They turns out much, much better this time. 

We had a party tonight because Sex With No Hands finally finished their album! Hooray! We listened to it all the way through and had a raucous time. I was told that I must eventually have children in order to perpetuate my awesomeness. I think it was meant as a compliment. And on such a compliment, I must head to bed before I die opening tomorrow.