Panhandle Jamming

I SAW MY FIRST COCKROACH(ES) TODAY! I thought they were going to be all big and nasty, but it turns out those cockroaches live in Hawaii. i know where I'm never going for vacation...

Let me explain. We went to the new location to clean today. Like, really clean. Oh my god, I think I inhaled mold spores today. Something were just gross.

Oh, and we got to hear Nate yelling, "DIE COCKROACH. DROWN." He had an indoor hose. It was beastly.

Once we decided that enough was enough and we weren't going to poison ourselves with mold anymore, we all went home and cleaned ourselves.

Nate had band practice tonight (on the Panhandle) so we all proceeded to sit outside on blankets with Stella and Tilly. It was very relaxing until we realized we were hungry...

Take out Indian from Saffron Grill. It was delicious. We all ate everything then had a random assortment of fruits, gelato, popsicles and lassi.

I Dj'd using 8tracks (thanks Kaly!) and used the following playlist:


And it was definitely a chill night. Work starts tomorrow!



Mini post for the day!

Heidi and Nate (my lovely cousins) are opening a new location in the Mission. It's going to fantastic and full of cheesy goodness!


Here's the instructions from Nate:

Please vote for my business in the Chase/LivingSocial Mission Small Business grant competition. Help us fund our second location!

1) Go hear: https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/
2) Scroll down to the bottom right of the page, and click "LOG IN & SUPPORT". You'll need to create a log-in, or you can easily log-in with your facebook account.
3) Once you're logged in, on the next page you get to, scroll down, and perform a search for "THE AMERICAN GRILLED CHEESE KITCHEN". Select California as the state, and San Francisco as the city. Click "SEARCH". Our business will pop-up.
4) Click "VOTE"

Do it. Vote. I said so.



Two Miles Ain't Far

Man, my closet under the stairs is so rad. I slept like a rock. Granite. Or marble or something.

Jetlag has almost set in, except I'm playin' this sleep thing like Oblivion. Oh, it's 3:00 EST? Better set my alarm for 8 hours no matter what. I'm so good at this game.

I made an appointment at the DMV all official and stuff, because you apparently need a permit to drive in California. STUPID STUPID STUPID. We should all be like NH. LIVE FREE OR DIE (imagine that being yelled by an old man with 5 teeth on his back porch holding a .22)

Stopped at a BofA to cash some checks, but since an ATM ate a paycheck a couple of weeks ago, I decided to cash it inside. WHICH IS ALSO STUPID. Because then your account isn't credited immediately. seriously. is it that hard to credit immediately? if your ATM can do it, why can't you? SILLY PANTS

AANNNYYYway. Got some Thai for lunch and then showed the Auntie around the Haight Street Market. I freakin' love that place. Cutest grocers in town, amiright? (yea, I'm right)

And I was convinced to do a 2 mile jog with Heidi and the dogs. AND I DIDN'T DIE. That's right, round of applause, please! It was rather epic. *wheeze wheeze*

And nova to watch the basketball game, then sushi bistro with Nikki and Elvis!

Phew. Long day, jetlag setting in.



Land of the Hipsters

There were a thousand, million billion babies on my flight from Cleveland to San Francisco. I mentioned this on facebook (AND TWITTER) already. But I can't stress enough. My entire flight was babies and elderly couples.

But the guy at the ticket counter said, "Ma'am," (NO ONE'S EVER CALLED ME MA'AM BEFORE!) "Ma'am, are you willing and capable of assisting people in the case of an emergency?"


Let's ignore the fact that I don't use leg room on flights. I just curl up in my seat and hope the heels of my feet don't fall asleep. You wouldn't think that heels would fall asleep, but they do. AND IT SUCKS. LIKE A VACUUM.

and there was no free food on this flight. not even peanuts or cookies. I was so sad. I gave them the sad face. BUT DID THEY CARE?! nooooooo. So I drank apple juice, because apple juice rocks. But after that, they had no more apple juice. Only that shitty minute maid cran-apple CRAP. The cloying sweetness made my teeth hurt.

Did I mention my computer battery was dead? I played Oblivion the entire first flight. Maaaan, I did so many quests. I killed a bunch of thieves and ran around trying to find nirnroot.

But upon finally landing in SFO, I learned that United is a terminal ALLL BY ITSELF. You have to take a trolley to get anywhere useful. Then you learn that baggage claim is on the other side of the ENTIRE airport.

What gives?

But it's good to be back with all the familiar sights and smells. Stopped at Little Chihuahua for lunch, went down for a tour of the new location in the Mission and then passed out on the couch.

I have two free days before I start work on Saturday. I GET TO WORK THE BEER TAPS!! 



PS. My bedroom is the costume closet. The costume closet is under the stairs. I LIVE IN THE CLOSET UNDER THE STAIRS. I AM HARRY POTTER.


Round 3

That's right. It's happening. ROUND 3.

And wanna know something cool? Junior ain't no high school student. JUNIOR IS NOW GOING TO COLLEGE.

It's a big deal, in case you couldn't tell. I'm no longer jailbait (awwww, no more creepy stories) and I grew 1/4 inch! YEA BABY.

And starting tomorrow, I begin the third summer in my installment of "HENNA'S CHEESY ADVENTURE" *DUN DUN DUUUUUUH*


...part 2...

Okay, fine. I admit it. I'm sitting in the Manchester airport at 8:40 in the morning, bored out of my skull. But I thought I should make this a more... complete post, y'know? Instead of bein' all, "YO WHADDUP WORLD?! IMMA EAT CHEEEEESE."

It's a little confusing.

So. My name is Henna and today I leave for San Francisco for my summer job. I work at a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant and live near the Haight for the summer. I started this blog three years ago to keep up with my family without having to call them everyday. (I still call my mum every day as I walk to the bus... I get lonely.) The first summer, I was really good about updating. Last summer, I started working full time, which really decreased my post frequency. AWKWARD.

But, I'm crazy, so maybe I'll be constant, yea? I know y'all would like that. Like baby polar bears. Who doesn't like baby polar bears? YOU DON'T? ...you're crazier than i am...

Anyway. IT HAS BEGUN/WILL BEGIN WHEN MY STUPID PLANE TAKES OFF. I WOKE UP AT 5:30 FOR THIS i say "wake up"... but I really mean... i never went to bed, really. ooooops. whatever. it'll be fine. I'll just play oblivion on the 5 1/2 hour plane ride. BECAUSE I CAN. SUUUUCK IT. oh my god. i am so tired. 

Henna (again)