And All Good Things Must Come To An End

Last night was the send-off dinner of Junior. Yes, horribly sad I know. We went out to Moya for Ethiopian food (finally)! We were there for at least two hours and the food was amazing. When you eat Ethiopian, you eat everything with your hands/using the traditional bread "kita". I don't even remember what I ate.... but it was amazingly good.

My last day in San Francisco was rather uneventful. I woke up, packed my bags, mailed a package home. (Blah, blah, blah.) Headed down to the restaurant for lunch and read my book for a good long time. (It's getting to a great spot... murder, intrigue...)

But as the title says, all good things must come to an end. This is one of the last blog posts that this blog will see in...whoa... a year! (Unless you don't want me to post about next summer... that's cool too :P)

I'm in the Phoenix airport right now... chilling next to a kid who's going to New Hampshire as well. He was out visiting his dad in San Diego.

I was sitting next to a guy on the plan from San Francisco... real artsy kid from Providence. Turns out I'm a day older. (AND MOM. HE'S A SENIOR. >:( )

Not too much else to say right now... Maybe I'll edit this post tomorrow with the rest of my adventure? Who knows...

But anyways... have a good Tuesday.



Dim Sum Brunch in CHINATOWN!

Mini Post! Aren't you suckers lucky!

So we had dim sum at this cute little place called City View Dim Sum. Soooo yummy!
We also headed around and bought little noms (some pictured below).

Walked the dogs to the farmer's market in Divisadero and bought some peaches for the muffins this week and some RAW PEANUTS! (To make boiled peanuts!)
Stirrin' up the peanuts... *la la la la la*
Mmmm.... lotus cakes...
Addin' the salt baby. Salt in the wound. Yum!
Adding the salt and peanuts to make boiled peanuts. How delicious!
Trying to make boba with little tapioca pearls... we'll see how this turns out.
MMMM! Lotus buns! They always make you feel goooood!
Steamed STUFF! YUM!
This is a Moomintroll tin I picked up in Japantown. The Japanese love their Moomies.
I think this is a lotus traditional bun-ny thing. It was so pretty. I had to take a picture.

The Preserved Duck Egg Bun. I told her I wanted one, she looked at me like I was nuts and told me all Americans ordered the Moon Cake. HA.

Third Time is a Charm!

I went to Japantown. Again. But I truly had a legitimate excuse this time. They have beautiful teapots... so I got one for my dear darlin' Mama. It's pretty. And I figured I'd take snacks back to the lovely people making sammies at the restaurant. (Wasabi peas, weird sugar popcorn, nori, and POCKY!)

At work today, I had the pleasure of shocking the heck out of the nice breakfast couple.

"How's your mimosa this morning?"
"Oh man, it's awesome! Best thing for hangover!"
"That's great to know... I was curious because I've never had a mimosa."
"Never had a mimosa?!" *Glances over at female companion and repeats*
"It's not that surprising. I'm only 16."

Sit back, relax, and watch the eyes bug out of the heads. I shouldn't do that to the dear hungover people... their minds can only take so much without imploding. Still, totally worth it.

Heidi and I were going to be totally awesome and do cool stuff... but... staying home and eating college style asian food was just so much simpler. Mmmmm... insta-ramen. Totally delish.

I'm going to go shut the windows and get warm....