Dim Sum Brunch in CHINATOWN!

Mini Post! Aren't you suckers lucky!

So we had dim sum at this cute little place called City View Dim Sum. Soooo yummy!
We also headed around and bought little noms (some pictured below).

Walked the dogs to the farmer's market in Divisadero and bought some peaches for the muffins this week and some RAW PEANUTS! (To make boiled peanuts!)
Stirrin' up the peanuts... *la la la la la*
Mmmm.... lotus cakes...
Addin' the salt baby. Salt in the wound. Yum!
Adding the salt and peanuts to make boiled peanuts. How delicious!
Trying to make boba with little tapioca pearls... we'll see how this turns out.
MMMM! Lotus buns! They always make you feel goooood!
Steamed STUFF! YUM!
This is a Moomintroll tin I picked up in Japantown. The Japanese love their Moomies.
I think this is a lotus traditional bun-ny thing. It was so pretty. I had to take a picture.

The Preserved Duck Egg Bun. I told her I wanted one, she looked at me like I was nuts and told me all Americans ordered the Moon Cake. HA.

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