Always Check The Fridge

So I thought I had the day off. My computer schedule told me so, yea?

I was supposed to opening. I woke up to a phone call at 9:45. "Junior, you're opening." BUT I WASN'T EXCEPT I WAS. And it was very stressful and upsetting and I will never trust my email again. Only the schedule on the fridge. ONLY.

It was all very upsetting. And today was a very very very very VERY busy day. Uy. We had all of the Giants traffic and it was a noon-ish game, therefore it just added to the lunch rush.

But as soon as Nate and I got off of work, we were able to skedaddle over to our area (the Panhandle) for a lovely french meal at Bistro Central Parc. We shared kobe beef tartare, french fries/frites and escargots. I ordered the cornish game hen, which was lovely and fried with bits of ham and potatoes. After a very long, leisurely, extended dinner, we decided that we would get dessert somewhere else. "Somewhere else" is also known as "The Corner Store" and dessert was ice cream sandwiches.

Absolutely awesome.


Dogs and Fingerprints

I no longer look like a shaggy dog. Thank the lord. Grasshopper cut my bangs and it's all awesome now.

Nate and I headed down to THE AMERICAN early on in the day so we could get loaded and such for a catering gig in the afternoon. We decided that we needed some Korean-Chinese-Mexican-American breakfast fusion so we made a stop at HRD Coffee Shop. Honestly, some of the best bibimbop I have ever had. It was a total dude, dive coffee shop. It's been in this guy's family for 50 odd years and he took over when his uncle retired. It was smokey with a line out the door (entirely dudes). AGAIN. SO. GOOD.

I was hanging out in South Park (around the restaurant area) reading my new Neil Gaiman book, Neverwhere when I realized I was sitting right next to Grasshopper (refer to earlier paragraph).

Catering gig was at a tech company valued at half a billion dollars. Their office was huge... and by office, I mean their kitchen space. There must have been a 1000sqft sky light.

WANNA KNOW SOMETHING COOL? I was the line cook and I grilled 130 sandos all by myself. Yay me! And I still have fingerprints aka didn't burn myself too badly. We were sprayed with champagne by the CEO (supposedly accidentally) at one point and I later learned that the CEO hails from New Hampshire. I found this out from one of the last guys grabbing a sandwich. Pretty cool people all around. Very polite.

Their dogs sat next to me for the last half hour and stared at the grill. It was a little ridiculous. All the women thought it was adorable while I worried about the German Shepherd accidentally burning her nose on the griddle. But no mishaps.




I'm still sick. GRAAAAH.

I was on the 3-9 shift, so I left home around noon to pick up some intense cold/flu drugs from Walgreens. Apparently, I sound/look so bad that the woman ringing my drugs up said, "I hope you feel better, dear." Blurgh.

Shift went fine. Lots of beer sold (when the Giants are winning, more people get beer). And I got home at 9:30 ish.

All of the grocery stores in a walking radius are closed by nine, so we made do with whatever we had in the house. WE MADE BURGERS. Well, Heidi made burgers and I made Oven Roasted Broccoli. Mmm. Yummy.

It's almost midnight. Uyuyuy. I'm working a catering gig tomorrow afternoon/night.



I'm Hunting Wabbits

I am so exhausted. What's new with that? I woke up early to hitch a ride in with Nate. We did one of those quick stops at a cool restaurant supply food store (oh my god tangent. It was so freakin' cool. Huge portions of LOTS OF FOOD. OMNOM.)

I clocked in. And worked. Hooboy. I worked from 10:30 to 7:00. Which isn't bad. But it's not fun to be the last person working because then you get all worried about things getting done. That is so... vague. Wow. I am so vague right now.

Some guy at the very very end of my shift gave me a chocolate bar. It had almonds in it. Yum. He was pretty drunk after the ballgame. (GO GIANTS).

I'm learning Spanish! I know how to count 1-10 and say soup. I'm so fluent, yea? Except not. But whatever. I'll get there.

We went to Magnolia for dinner and I ate a rabbit currywurst. It was fantastic. Very... rabbit-y? Anyway. I need to sleep.



BLT Risotto

I'm feeling slightly better. Still a little stuffy, but hey, gotta get better somehow, yea?

So I continued with tea and Oblivion and dog walking today.

AND ATE RISOTTO. Heidi taught me how to properly dice and onion and turn it into a fabulous arugula, bacon, gouda, onion and shrimp risotto. There was more stuff than rice.

So what to do on a Tuesday night while eating good food? Watch an 80s movie.

Say hello to the trailer for HEATHERS

Oh yes. It was awesome, cheesy, ridiculous. And Christian Slater is hoooottttt.



My Toes are Dragon Green

I've not been feeling too hot lately. My throat's a little sore so I've been drinking tea to help it and therefore not sleeping well.


I woke up late today to the sounds of Pippa visiting, hoorah! It was girl's day out in Japantown!

We done got our nails did. Well, toenails because you can't have nail polish on in a restaurant. It was very nice... and now my toes are a lovely gold/green. Then we went to lunch at a yummy noodle place and I ate udon. (SURPRISE SURPRISE.) OM NOM NOM.

And I'd just like to mention that every salon in San Francisco was unavailable to cut bangs today. All of them. So Heidi and I will continue to look like shaggy dogs for the foreseeable future. Unless we cry at Grasshopper tomorrow or during our lunch breaks.

Benkyodo had peanut butter mochi today, which ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF. Can I just mention that peanut butter makes everything better? I would like some peanut butter to be mixed with my bowl of chocolate chips, please. I need some of that salt so I don't remember that I'm eating a bowl of chocolate chips at 9:30 PM.

On our search for a hair salon, we took the dogs for a walk and found a tree of AWESOME. It had these yummy fruits on it, which Heidi and Nate have dubbed "poison berries". They tasted like seedy strawberries of ABSOLUTE AMAZING.

Mmm. Poison berries.
So yea. I played Oblivion for like... three hours. And I have the day off tomorrow. Rock on.



How Many Cups of Tea?

How many cups of tea can one person drink in a night? LET'S FIND OUT. Two days ago, it was 6. I'm on cup number one of the evening.

Today was the Pride Parade in San Francisco so everyone was in the Castro. So today was pretty slow... mmm. Steady traffic through the place it seemed.

Came right home after work and ate some leftover BBQ brisket. Om nom nom.

Man, I need to go find a social life. Hopefully I won't die from this intake of tea (it's helping my throat).