My Feet! I Can't Feel My Feet!

I woke up pretty early, considering that my shift started at 6:30 PM. But I had a MISSION! A mission not all that exciting or impressive. I needed to get a black shirt. So I walked the dogs, hopped on the 71 Haight Noriega and went to Old Navy. Strangely enough, they were having this wicked cool sale... so my shirt was 5 buckaroonies.

Then I had no idea what to do. So I ate yogurt and drank coconut water for lunch. Yuuuum. But the mall has this weird thing called a "lunch rush" in the food court... so I couldn't snag a small table for myself. Across from a very sweet elderly woman. She started a conversation by asking me where one might find PLAIN COFFEE (not that crap those fancy-schmancy places serve) and I told her I didn't know. (Surprise!) So then she asked me about what I was studying or something about school, I couldn't really hear her. But somehow she figured that I was in college, so we talked about neurosciences and stuffs (she used to be a nurse in ICU) as well as her granddaughter's schooling and her nephew's. 'Twas great fun.

But tonight was the good stuff. It was Junior's first day of work! Yahoo! And it was catering a wedding. The song for their first dance was "Love You 'Till The End" by The Pogues. It was all that gooey, romantic-y thing that people love so much. But it actually ended at 1 (just an hour ago) and I would love to tell you more, but I have the 10 shift tomorrow morning and it's Gay Pride weekend in San Francisco. Translation? Walking would be faster to get to work...


Step Right Up!

So yesterday (I know! I'm already behind) was a leisurely day of no work and relaxing. I, of course, being delightfully jetlagged, woke up around 7. No wait, exactly 7. Lovely.

We took the beautiful doggies for a walk a bit later and went shopping to get stuff to make... CREPES! We made savory crepes with chicken sausage (kosher), spinach, cheese (a smoked gouda-ish), avocado, and onions! Delicious... om nom nom.

The sweet crepes were a whole new deal. Peaches and blackberries with homemade whipped cream and a rainier cherry on top. (I'll post a picture tomorrow, I promise.)
Doesn't it look delicious?

Then we ran some errands to prepare for a catering job for Friday! Such as going to the amazingly awesome restaurant supply store. Which was awesome, did I mention awesome yet? It was like the hipster version of BJs.

And I know you're all eager to know what we had for DINNER. We actually walked to Lower Haight to indulge in good eats at the carnival-themed restaurant, Straw. We had such delicacies as sweet potato tater tots, mini corn dogs, a salad called "Dark and Gruesome" as well as a turkey leg and empanadas.

Delicious day full of delicious food, ey?



Gloomer....Crashing Bore....

Why is the title of this post "Gloomer....Crashing Bore...."? Because I did the thing you're never, ever supposed to do on a walk. I looked at my feet most of the way. WHY did I do this? Well why not?

Haven't you ever heard of graffiti and tagging? I hope so.

"Gloomer... Crashing Bore...." 

 And this, Benjamin, is what a "tag" is.

 Kinda like the tablets parents do for their children... except on PAVEMENT.

Look! Birdy feet!

So this morning I woke up at 7:00 and couldn't get back to sleep... what a pity. So I woke up and did all that morning preening stuff some peoples do. Then I decided to go stalk down some BREAKFAST! So I went to the Haight Street Market and got myself a coffee and chocolate croissant. So delicious.

Lunch was at The Little Chihuahua where I had a lovely, fabulous burrito. Yum.

I eventually moseyed on down to the AMERICAN and chilled out with new and old faces. THEN I came back home and found myself back at the Haight Street Market with chocolate yogurt, grocery store sushi, and peaches in hand.

All in all, solid meals for a day. Am I right? Of course I am.

Heidi and I went out to Treasure Island tonight to go see top secret awesome stuff. I can tell you no more. I think... But I got to see Alcatraz in a very pretty light. The entire sky was cloudy except for one spot where is shone directly on Alcatraz. It was beautiful. And the skyline from the other side of the Bay looking at San Fran was also absolutely GORGEOUS.

It's weird, I did a lot in one day. I guess I should always wake up wicked early.


Mini Post!

It's time for a...

MINI POST. (Mini post: in which not enough time has passed for there to be a huge, interesting post about an entire day.)
So last night, after getting into the airport, we came back to the house and took those big, beautiful dogs for the favorite thing. WALKIES. We walked around Divisadero, hauling Stella and Tilly away from nasty people food as we went.

We then decided that Ragazza was the place for us! (Apologies that this is a yelp page. I don't really like yelp, but Ragazza doesn't have a website.) We ordered delicious things like squash blossom pizza, nettle pizza, fava beans with anchovies, lemon, and flatbread; and green beans with cheese and I think lemon as well. Then we had a cannoli! (My first one, EVER.)
All in all, it was quite a delicious welcome meal, and it's awesome to be back.


(Did I mention I thought I saw Neil Patrick Harris last night?)


ROUND 2 (Surprise Post!)

Greetings, Fellow Cheese Lovers!

I know, I know... this is a post WAAAYYYY too early. I haven't even boarded the plane for my first flight. But I figured that it's close enough, I'm on my way, you're eager...

SURPRISE! Henna has returned to the awe-inspiring BLOGOSPHERE. (I know, how awe-inspiring was that?)

A few changes from last summer. (Or one...let me think of them)

1) Mobile view is now ENABLED. That means that if you're on the road and looking for a Henna Fix on your smart/stupid phone, Blogspot has made is easier than ever to do so!

2) It's 2011? Yea, I think that's a big enough change. And for all of you who didn't know it was 2011, sorry to burst your bubble. I understand if you unfollow this blog. (Even though it'll make me cry.)

3) I have a camera on my phone with awesome uploading capabilities! So you can see my summer if I'm not too lazy to take pics!

And that is all. (Did you expect more in this post? Greeeeeedy, that's what you are.)

With much excited love,