Step Right Up!

So yesterday (I know! I'm already behind) was a leisurely day of no work and relaxing. I, of course, being delightfully jetlagged, woke up around 7. No wait, exactly 7. Lovely.

We took the beautiful doggies for a walk a bit later and went shopping to get stuff to make... CREPES! We made savory crepes with chicken sausage (kosher), spinach, cheese (a smoked gouda-ish), avocado, and onions! Delicious... om nom nom.

The sweet crepes were a whole new deal. Peaches and blackberries with homemade whipped cream and a rainier cherry on top. (I'll post a picture tomorrow, I promise.)
Doesn't it look delicious?

Then we ran some errands to prepare for a catering job for Friday! Such as going to the amazingly awesome restaurant supply store. Which was awesome, did I mention awesome yet? It was like the hipster version of BJs.

And I know you're all eager to know what we had for DINNER. We actually walked to Lower Haight to indulge in good eats at the carnival-themed restaurant, Straw. We had such delicacies as sweet potato tater tots, mini corn dogs, a salad called "Dark and Gruesome" as well as a turkey leg and empanadas.

Delicious day full of delicious food, ey?


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