Gloomer....Crashing Bore....

Why is the title of this post "Gloomer....Crashing Bore...."? Because I did the thing you're never, ever supposed to do on a walk. I looked at my feet most of the way. WHY did I do this? Well why not?

Haven't you ever heard of graffiti and tagging? I hope so.

"Gloomer... Crashing Bore...." 

 And this, Benjamin, is what a "tag" is.

 Kinda like the tablets parents do for their children... except on PAVEMENT.

Look! Birdy feet!

So this morning I woke up at 7:00 and couldn't get back to sleep... what a pity. So I woke up and did all that morning preening stuff some peoples do. Then I decided to go stalk down some BREAKFAST! So I went to the Haight Street Market and got myself a coffee and chocolate croissant. So delicious.

Lunch was at The Little Chihuahua where I had a lovely, fabulous burrito. Yum.

I eventually moseyed on down to the AMERICAN and chilled out with new and old faces. THEN I came back home and found myself back at the Haight Street Market with chocolate yogurt, grocery store sushi, and peaches in hand.

All in all, solid meals for a day. Am I right? Of course I am.

Heidi and I went out to Treasure Island tonight to go see top secret awesome stuff. I can tell you no more. I think... But I got to see Alcatraz in a very pretty light. The entire sky was cloudy except for one spot where is shone directly on Alcatraz. It was beautiful. And the skyline from the other side of the Bay looking at San Fran was also absolutely GORGEOUS.

It's weird, I did a lot in one day. I guess I should always wake up wicked early.


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