Mini Post!

It's time for a...

MINI POST. (Mini post: in which not enough time has passed for there to be a huge, interesting post about an entire day.)
So last night, after getting into the airport, we came back to the house and took those big, beautiful dogs for the favorite thing. WALKIES. We walked around Divisadero, hauling Stella and Tilly away from nasty people food as we went.

We then decided that Ragazza was the place for us! (Apologies that this is a yelp page. I don't really like yelp, but Ragazza doesn't have a website.) We ordered delicious things like squash blossom pizza, nettle pizza, fava beans with anchovies, lemon, and flatbread; and green beans with cheese and I think lemon as well. Then we had a cannoli! (My first one, EVER.)
All in all, it was quite a delicious welcome meal, and it's awesome to be back.


(Did I mention I thought I saw Neil Patrick Harris last night?)

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