ROUND 2 (Surprise Post!)

Greetings, Fellow Cheese Lovers!

I know, I know... this is a post WAAAYYYY too early. I haven't even boarded the plane for my first flight. But I figured that it's close enough, I'm on my way, you're eager...

SURPRISE! Henna has returned to the awe-inspiring BLOGOSPHERE. (I know, how awe-inspiring was that?)

A few changes from last summer. (Or one...let me think of them)

1) Mobile view is now ENABLED. That means that if you're on the road and looking for a Henna Fix on your smart/stupid phone, Blogspot has made is easier than ever to do so!

2) It's 2011? Yea, I think that's a big enough change. And for all of you who didn't know it was 2011, sorry to burst your bubble. I understand if you unfollow this blog. (Even though it'll make me cry.)

3) I have a camera on my phone with awesome uploading capabilities! So you can see my summer if I'm not too lazy to take pics!

And that is all. (Did you expect more in this post? Greeeeeedy, that's what you are.)

With much excited love,

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