Super Hero Friday! Who's Your Team?

Today = Super Hero Friday
Come in dressed like a super hero (or super villain) and you got a FREE house made soda and 10% OFF YOUR MEAL! How awesome is that? Pretty awesome I think. Nate dressed up as Cobra Kai (super villain from the Karate Kid) and Heidi was...

LACTAID GIRL! Duh duh duh daaaa! We don't know what I was...

Business was very good today and we had our very (very!) first TAIL-"GRATE" PARTY!
YAY! Grilled cheese on the patio with beer on tap for the Giants vs. Dodgers game tonight. We did a roaring trade, then packed up for the night. Yay! (Now I'm sleepy.)

Good night.



What Bus Do You Take?

Work was very good. We almost sold out of everything in the store, it was great!

I made dinner again tonight (salmon packets and baby artichokes). And we had Pippa, our roommate and her boyfriend for dinner, David (Nate's cousin), Heidi, and Nate.

Talked about etymology on the bus with some random guy today, it was interesting...
Super Hero day at THE AMERICAN tomorrow!



The Hottest Restaurant In Town!

I didn't get lost today. I know, it's something new. (You can breath Mom, I'm alive... look! I'm posting!)

However, I did get to run some things over to Nova (the bar across the street)... i.e, delivered some experimental sandwiches.

THE AMERICAN got very good feedback today. Such as:

  • "Best [black cherry] soda ever!"
  • "The hottest restaurant in town!"
  • "Best muffin I've ever had in my life!"
We ain't doing too shabby are we? 

Oh! BIG NEWS! For the first time in about... 2-3 years, I made dinner for people other than myself. I made taco salad, which ended up being pretty delicious. I was going to make a really cool dessert too, but I figured ice cream in the freezer was satisfactory.

And now, we're going to watch True Blood (please don't judge me...)



Look! The Straw Is Made Out Of Corn!

You'll be very proud of me. I took the bus in to work today... WITHOUT GETTING LOST. Ha.

It was a Tuesday, which means a relatively slow day at lunch. It also meant that during my down time in the morning, I got to work in the kitchen! (Making croutons!) And for breakfast, I got oatmeal with the brown sugar bourbon sauce. It was delicious.
I also did more damage to my left hand today than my entire week here. I sliced (not very deeply... Mom, you can breathe) through my left pointer finger, nicked the knuckle on the same hand, and burned my entire left thumb with tomato soup. And the best part? My hand still works.
Then this guy tried to flirt about what our straws were made out of. -_-' How sad....

After work, Heidi and I headed to Market Street to run a few errands. And guess who I saw? You'll never guess. I guarantee it.
I saw... (drumroll please)..................

Marian and Vivian Brown! They were matching beautifully with leopard print coats, identical makeup and hats. It was quite spectacular, seeing as they were about 3-4 inches shorter than I am. (And man, am I short!)

That's all. I'm tired...

Check out Nova, they have yummy food too.... like their wings, and margherita pizza.


Monday! (I Got Lost)


Except not really. Monday (sorry for the late post again...), I didn't have to come in until around 2:00 to make sandwiches for a catering event on Tuesday. I took the 71 bus from Haight - Buena Vista at the right time (around noon) to give myself a lot of time to get to the restaurant. After searching for this bus stop for well over 45 minutes, I finally saw a 71 making its way right to where I was standing. SCORE. I got on, excited that I wasn't going to get lost.

It was going the wrong way.

At the last stop, I went up and asked the bus driver how to get to Market Street. She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "Sweetheart, didn't you get on at Market?"

...No... I think I would have noticed if I had.

So she told me to get off the bus for a bit and then I could get back on and take it down to Market and Second.

I guess I look either really foreign, confused, or just plain stupid. The one man waiting for the bus at the end of Noriega took one look at me and gave me two bucks, saying, "Here, just in case you get lost again."
I've found a new way to make money. Here's a nice step-by-step:

  • Put your hair in pigtails
  • Wear some article of clothing that's too big for you (whether this be a shirt, sweatshirt...etc.)
  • Speak with an indistinct foreign accent (I prefer Finnish, but if you can do French or Spanish... be my guest)
  • Let other people hear you ask pitiful questions
  • Look grateful for any amount of information, even if it's only, "...This is a San Francisco bus... yes..."
  • AND VOILA! Some person is more than likely to take pity on a little foreign girl and give her $2 for bus fare!
Now go make money.
Did I mention we watched True Blood?


BBQ With True Summer!

Heh, heh, heh. Sorry I've been late with posts. I know you (yes, YOU) have been waiting for my posts with bated breath. I hope you don't live vicariously through this blog... it would mean you're always getting lost.

Sunday was a pretty chill day, meaning some sleeping in and lounging. Heidi and Nate's friends, Dave and Andrea were having a barbecue that evening, so we decided to make an Apricot Frangipane Tart, which turned out excellently (if I do say so myself...). We used the rest of the apricots from our excursion to the Asian market as well as a couple of black velvet apricots (they're a deep purple, very pretty). Nate made Crawfish Monica, but since you apparently can't buy crawdads in this area, he really made what Heidi dubbed Shrimp Brittany.

The barbecue was in Oakland, which meant driving across the Bay. (And ten degrees warmer! It was SUMMER!) Lots of good food was to be had, including some of the best ribs (ever). Heidi invented a Gorgonzola zucchini flatbread, which (obviously) was delicious.

After the barbecue, we went home and watched True Blood. (Don't make fun of me.)
Lots of fun was had, and we were all exhausted.



Saturday Night, Red Leather Jacket? Welcome to the Mission Baby!

Sorry for missing the weekend posts... I was too tired... :)

For the afternoon, we rode over the Golden Gate Bridge to Rodeo Beach. Stella and Tilly came with us and we took the Coastal Trail for about a five mile loop with the dogs. It went without a hitch for the most part, but then the doggies saw a rabbit. Thought we were gonna eat it without any footholds downhill.

Saturday night, Heidi and I had nothing to do except look for food. Out we went to explore what the Mission had to offer. We were on the search for Moroccan food. We found an ok place, but it was mainly for hookahs. No thanks.
Instead, we stopped at the Sunflower Restaurant for Vietnamese food. Yum. Yum. And yum again. We had beef noodle soup, Vietnamese pot stickers, Vietnamese crepes... And I got a coconut. :) (I got to walk through The Mission with a coconut. I felt like the coolest person alive.) 
Then we watched True Blood.