Look! The Straw Is Made Out Of Corn!

You'll be very proud of me. I took the bus in to work today... WITHOUT GETTING LOST. Ha.

It was a Tuesday, which means a relatively slow day at lunch. It also meant that during my down time in the morning, I got to work in the kitchen! (Making croutons!) And for breakfast, I got oatmeal with the brown sugar bourbon sauce. It was delicious.
I also did more damage to my left hand today than my entire week here. I sliced (not very deeply... Mom, you can breathe) through my left pointer finger, nicked the knuckle on the same hand, and burned my entire left thumb with tomato soup. And the best part? My hand still works.
Then this guy tried to flirt about what our straws were made out of. -_-' How sad....

After work, Heidi and I headed to Market Street to run a few errands. And guess who I saw? You'll never guess. I guarantee it.
I saw... (drumroll please)..................

Marian and Vivian Brown! They were matching beautifully with leopard print coats, identical makeup and hats. It was quite spectacular, seeing as they were about 3-4 inches shorter than I am. (And man, am I short!)

That's all. I'm tired...

Check out Nova, they have yummy food too.... like their wings, and margherita pizza.


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