Monday! (I Got Lost)


Except not really. Monday (sorry for the late post again...), I didn't have to come in until around 2:00 to make sandwiches for a catering event on Tuesday. I took the 71 bus from Haight - Buena Vista at the right time (around noon) to give myself a lot of time to get to the restaurant. After searching for this bus stop for well over 45 minutes, I finally saw a 71 making its way right to where I was standing. SCORE. I got on, excited that I wasn't going to get lost.

It was going the wrong way.

At the last stop, I went up and asked the bus driver how to get to Market Street. She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "Sweetheart, didn't you get on at Market?"

...No... I think I would have noticed if I had.

So she told me to get off the bus for a bit and then I could get back on and take it down to Market and Second.

I guess I look either really foreign, confused, or just plain stupid. The one man waiting for the bus at the end of Noriega took one look at me and gave me two bucks, saying, "Here, just in case you get lost again."
I've found a new way to make money. Here's a nice step-by-step:

  • Put your hair in pigtails
  • Wear some article of clothing that's too big for you (whether this be a shirt, sweatshirt...etc.)
  • Speak with an indistinct foreign accent (I prefer Finnish, but if you can do French or Spanish... be my guest)
  • Let other people hear you ask pitiful questions
  • Look grateful for any amount of information, even if it's only, "...This is a San Francisco bus... yes..."
  • AND VOILA! Some person is more than likely to take pity on a little foreign girl and give her $2 for bus fare!
Now go make money.
Did I mention we watched True Blood?


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  1. This is why bus cards = love. But i cannot say I haven't pulled the pigtails trick to look young.