The Hottest Restaurant In Town!

I didn't get lost today. I know, it's something new. (You can breath Mom, I'm alive... look! I'm posting!)

However, I did get to run some things over to Nova (the bar across the street)... i.e, delivered some experimental sandwiches.

THE AMERICAN got very good feedback today. Such as:

  • "Best [black cherry] soda ever!"
  • "The hottest restaurant in town!"
  • "Best muffin I've ever had in my life!"
We ain't doing too shabby are we? 

Oh! BIG NEWS! For the first time in about... 2-3 years, I made dinner for people other than myself. I made taco salad, which ended up being pretty delicious. I was going to make a really cool dessert too, but I figured ice cream in the freezer was satisfactory.

And now, we're going to watch True Blood (please don't judge me...)


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