Saturday Night, Red Leather Jacket? Welcome to the Mission Baby!

Sorry for missing the weekend posts... I was too tired... :)

For the afternoon, we rode over the Golden Gate Bridge to Rodeo Beach. Stella and Tilly came with us and we took the Coastal Trail for about a five mile loop with the dogs. It went without a hitch for the most part, but then the doggies saw a rabbit. Thought we were gonna eat it without any footholds downhill.

Saturday night, Heidi and I had nothing to do except look for food. Out we went to explore what the Mission had to offer. We were on the search for Moroccan food. We found an ok place, but it was mainly for hookahs. No thanks.
Instead, we stopped at the Sunflower Restaurant for Vietnamese food. Yum. Yum. And yum again. We had beef noodle soup, Vietnamese pot stickers, Vietnamese crepes... And I got a coconut. :) (I got to walk through The Mission with a coconut. I felt like the coolest person alive.) 
Then we watched True Blood.


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  1. We still haven't eaten the coconut yet. It might be what we're doing tonight...