BBQ With True Summer!

Heh, heh, heh. Sorry I've been late with posts. I know you (yes, YOU) have been waiting for my posts with bated breath. I hope you don't live vicariously through this blog... it would mean you're always getting lost.

Sunday was a pretty chill day, meaning some sleeping in and lounging. Heidi and Nate's friends, Dave and Andrea were having a barbecue that evening, so we decided to make an Apricot Frangipane Tart, which turned out excellently (if I do say so myself...). We used the rest of the apricots from our excursion to the Asian market as well as a couple of black velvet apricots (they're a deep purple, very pretty). Nate made Crawfish Monica, but since you apparently can't buy crawdads in this area, he really made what Heidi dubbed Shrimp Brittany.

The barbecue was in Oakland, which meant driving across the Bay. (And ten degrees warmer! It was SUMMER!) Lots of good food was to be had, including some of the best ribs (ever). Heidi invented a Gorgonzola zucchini flatbread, which (obviously) was delicious.

After the barbecue, we went home and watched True Blood. (Don't make fun of me.)
Lots of fun was had, and we were all exhausted.


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