I'm Hunting Wabbits

I am so exhausted. What's new with that? I woke up early to hitch a ride in with Nate. We did one of those quick stops at a cool restaurant supply food store (oh my god tangent. It was so freakin' cool. Huge portions of LOTS OF FOOD. OMNOM.)

I clocked in. And worked. Hooboy. I worked from 10:30 to 7:00. Which isn't bad. But it's not fun to be the last person working because then you get all worried about things getting done. That is so... vague. Wow. I am so vague right now.

Some guy at the very very end of my shift gave me a chocolate bar. It had almonds in it. Yum. He was pretty drunk after the ballgame. (GO GIANTS).

I'm learning Spanish! I know how to count 1-10 and say soup. I'm so fluent, yea? Except not. But whatever. I'll get there.

We went to Magnolia for dinner and I ate a rabbit currywurst. It was fantastic. Very... rabbit-y? Anyway. I need to sleep.


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