Always Check The Fridge

So I thought I had the day off. My computer schedule told me so, yea?

I was supposed to opening. I woke up to a phone call at 9:45. "Junior, you're opening." BUT I WASN'T EXCEPT I WAS. And it was very stressful and upsetting and I will never trust my email again. Only the schedule on the fridge. ONLY.

It was all very upsetting. And today was a very very very very VERY busy day. Uy. We had all of the Giants traffic and it was a noon-ish game, therefore it just added to the lunch rush.

But as soon as Nate and I got off of work, we were able to skedaddle over to our area (the Panhandle) for a lovely french meal at Bistro Central Parc. We shared kobe beef tartare, french fries/frites and escargots. I ordered the cornish game hen, which was lovely and fried with bits of ham and potatoes. After a very long, leisurely, extended dinner, we decided that we would get dessert somewhere else. "Somewhere else" is also known as "The Corner Store" and dessert was ice cream sandwiches.

Absolutely awesome.


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