Dogs and Fingerprints

I no longer look like a shaggy dog. Thank the lord. Grasshopper cut my bangs and it's all awesome now.

Nate and I headed down to THE AMERICAN early on in the day so we could get loaded and such for a catering gig in the afternoon. We decided that we needed some Korean-Chinese-Mexican-American breakfast fusion so we made a stop at HRD Coffee Shop. Honestly, some of the best bibimbop I have ever had. It was a total dude, dive coffee shop. It's been in this guy's family for 50 odd years and he took over when his uncle retired. It was smokey with a line out the door (entirely dudes). AGAIN. SO. GOOD.

I was hanging out in South Park (around the restaurant area) reading my new Neil Gaiman book, Neverwhere when I realized I was sitting right next to Grasshopper (refer to earlier paragraph).

Catering gig was at a tech company valued at half a billion dollars. Their office was huge... and by office, I mean their kitchen space. There must have been a 1000sqft sky light.

WANNA KNOW SOMETHING COOL? I was the line cook and I grilled 130 sandos all by myself. Yay me! And I still have fingerprints aka didn't burn myself too badly. We were sprayed with champagne by the CEO (supposedly accidentally) at one point and I later learned that the CEO hails from New Hampshire. I found this out from one of the last guys grabbing a sandwich. Pretty cool people all around. Very polite.

Their dogs sat next to me for the last half hour and stared at the grill. It was a little ridiculous. All the women thought it was adorable while I worried about the German Shepherd accidentally burning her nose on the griddle. But no mishaps.


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