My Toes are Dragon Green

I've not been feeling too hot lately. My throat's a little sore so I've been drinking tea to help it and therefore not sleeping well.


I woke up late today to the sounds of Pippa visiting, hoorah! It was girl's day out in Japantown!

We done got our nails did. Well, toenails because you can't have nail polish on in a restaurant. It was very nice... and now my toes are a lovely gold/green. Then we went to lunch at a yummy noodle place and I ate udon. (SURPRISE SURPRISE.) OM NOM NOM.

And I'd just like to mention that every salon in San Francisco was unavailable to cut bangs today. All of them. So Heidi and I will continue to look like shaggy dogs for the foreseeable future. Unless we cry at Grasshopper tomorrow or during our lunch breaks.

Benkyodo had peanut butter mochi today, which ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF. Can I just mention that peanut butter makes everything better? I would like some peanut butter to be mixed with my bowl of chocolate chips, please. I need some of that salt so I don't remember that I'm eating a bowl of chocolate chips at 9:30 PM.

On our search for a hair salon, we took the dogs for a walk and found a tree of AWESOME. It had these yummy fruits on it, which Heidi and Nate have dubbed "poison berries". They tasted like seedy strawberries of ABSOLUTE AMAZING.

Mmm. Poison berries.
So yea. I played Oblivion for like... three hours. And I have the day off tomorrow. Rock on.


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