Third Time is a Charm!

I went to Japantown. Again. But I truly had a legitimate excuse this time. They have beautiful teapots... so I got one for my dear darlin' Mama. It's pretty. And I figured I'd take snacks back to the lovely people making sammies at the restaurant. (Wasabi peas, weird sugar popcorn, nori, and POCKY!)

At work today, I had the pleasure of shocking the heck out of the nice breakfast couple.

"How's your mimosa this morning?"
"Oh man, it's awesome! Best thing for hangover!"
"That's great to know... I was curious because I've never had a mimosa."
"Never had a mimosa?!" *Glances over at female companion and repeats*
"It's not that surprising. I'm only 16."

Sit back, relax, and watch the eyes bug out of the heads. I shouldn't do that to the dear hungover people... their minds can only take so much without imploding. Still, totally worth it.

Heidi and I were going to be totally awesome and do cool stuff... but... staying home and eating college style asian food was just so much simpler. Mmmmm... insta-ramen. Totally delish.

I'm going to go shut the windows and get warm....


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