Japantown... Again?

So I went back to Japantown today to do some back to school "furnish Henna's room" shopping. (Laundry bags... etc...)
So I did! Hurrah! I also went back to Benkyodo to get more of that delicious ichigo daifuku mochi that I got yesterday. It was so delicious.

Went back to the restaurant around three to make sammies for tomorrow. I...well... might have had an impromptu karaoke/dance party when we turned Pandora to the Beatles Station. But it was all good man, all good.

After the sandwiches were done, Heidi and I went back to the house to clean up for dinner with some of her friends. We were heading out for a (my first) TAPAS EXPERIENCE! WAHOO!
It was delicious. Lobster paella, Spanish tortilla with potato inside, blood sausage, artichoke chips... etc. I don't even remember.

But that's all... I'm struggling to keep my eyes open!


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