I'm a bad, bad person. I'm sorry. Forgive me?

Last week in recap mode!

Saturday Night! (8.14.10)
THE GIG! YES! 1:30 in the morning, sang "Take On Me". Everyone sang along. Come on man, it was at Ireland's 32 at 1:30 in the morning, OF COURSE they sang along. (Don't you know the meaning of an Irish bar?) I wore the best boots ever. No words can describe how awesome they are. I could describe them... maybe. They're totally awesome ho high heeled contraptions that made me... 5'6"! It was exciting, lemme tell you.
My gaydar died during this gig. As the sober PYT, I noticed several young men dancing around me. One was very sweet, spacey, smiley... And I totally saw him check out another guy.

Nope. Nooooope. Totally straight. However, he almost died in horror and shame when his friend later told him I was 16. I wish I could have seen his face...

Four more words. Old. Drunk. Irish. Man.
No more. We shall not mention him.

Sunday (8.15.10)
We all slept until noon. Sleep was beautiful. I'm trying to remember if we did anything that evening.
Waiiiit. I know. We watched "A Boy and His Dog". Love the twist ending. If you haven't seen it... well... you should. Pardon all the sperm jokes in it.

Monday (8.16.10)
We had pantry suprise! Eggwhites, tomatoes, bacon...?

Tuesday (8.17.10)
I debated auditioning for American Idol. Hooray? We watched True Blood some more. And ate its-its! (Traditional San Francisco ice cream cookie thingies.)

Wednesday (8.18.10)
Debated some more about auditioning for American Idol. Chatted with some nice audition-ees.

Thursday (8.19.10)
Didn't audition after all. Three blocks was way to far to walk. And the lines for the actual audition took all day to get through. :P Blech.

Friday (8.20.10)
We made blondies in the restaurant for a catering gig in the park the next day. We also ordered some AWESOME Southern Indian food. It was utterly delicious.

Saturday (8.21.10)
We had a great BBQ at home! Lovely steak and lamb! Stayed up all night with the great Jewish crowd.

Sunday (8.22.10)
We went for a 7 mile walk through Golden Gate Park. It was great because we ended up at Beach Chalet for lunch (I had to hunt down the garlic fries guy. More like stalk him. *sigh*)

Monday (8.23.10)
Heidi made a GREAT bean salad with bacon in it. Bacon makes everything AWESOME. (I mean, it was awesome anyways... but... I... love bacon?)

Tuesday (8.24.10)
We'd been having a heat wave all week, so we decided that I would sit outside at work and sell lemonade. I sat there all day. And I sold 20 lemonades? Not bad. However... I had several women when I greeted them return my courtesy with "No thanks". Well then. It's not I was gonna sell you any anyways. Just... just dehydrate, yea?
Then came the facebook comments along with the advertising picture.
"My advice? Put the staff member in a bikini!" Hurmph. What pervs.
Did I mention I was selling advice Lucy from "Peanuts" style?


One more post until I'm updated!

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