Oh, that's embarrassing, after I got all caught up, I almost forgot to post today!

Well, I slept in really late. When I woke up, I had that horrible drowsy feeling from sleeping too much. But Genevieve offered to go with me to Japantown! (So why not go? I love Genevieve!) So we hopped on the 38L Geary to Japantown! Hurrah!

First, we ran to Benkyodo to get some super fresh, delicious MOCHI! (I seem to have mochi all the time, don't I?) It closed at five and we got there around 4:54. SCORE! I got four different kinds of mochi for dessert tonight, but got a fifth... an Ichigo Daifuku (strawberry) and ate it. It was so delicious. With our delicious mochis in bags and our stomachs, we headed over to little supermarkets. I saw so many awesome things (I got three pairs of chopsticks and some rice seasoning). But I'm going back tomorrow to do some school shopping. They had nice organizational shelve thingies. Then we kept on exploring and found PIKAPIKA! Pika Pika is the purikura Japanese photo booths. (I'm trying to drag Heidi and Nate to karaoke on Saturday... maybe they'll go to Pika Pika with me?)

But I had to do some shopping for dinner, so we headed over to le supermarche! And guess what they had there? Lots of FIIISH. The name of one fish, when translated into english, read "Idiot Fish". Genevieve's comment? "Well yea, the idiot got caught!" :D

I had a wonderful day and had so many yummy treats. Can't wait for finishing school shopping tomorrow!


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  1. i've done pikapika before. usually ends with a lot of embarrassment on my part.