Panhandle Jamming

I SAW MY FIRST COCKROACH(ES) TODAY! I thought they were going to be all big and nasty, but it turns out those cockroaches live in Hawaii. i know where I'm never going for vacation...

Let me explain. We went to the new location to clean today. Like, really clean. Oh my god, I think I inhaled mold spores today. Something were just gross.

Oh, and we got to hear Nate yelling, "DIE COCKROACH. DROWN." He had an indoor hose. It was beastly.

Once we decided that enough was enough and we weren't going to poison ourselves with mold anymore, we all went home and cleaned ourselves.

Nate had band practice tonight (on the Panhandle) so we all proceeded to sit outside on blankets with Stella and Tilly. It was very relaxing until we realized we were hungry...

Take out Indian from Saffron Grill. It was delicious. We all ate everything then had a random assortment of fruits, gelato, popsicles and lassi.

I Dj'd using 8tracks (thanks Kaly!) and used the following playlist:


And it was definitely a chill night. Work starts tomorrow!


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