Two Miles Ain't Far

Man, my closet under the stairs is so rad. I slept like a rock. Granite. Or marble or something.

Jetlag has almost set in, except I'm playin' this sleep thing like Oblivion. Oh, it's 3:00 EST? Better set my alarm for 8 hours no matter what. I'm so good at this game.

I made an appointment at the DMV all official and stuff, because you apparently need a permit to drive in California. STUPID STUPID STUPID. We should all be like NH. LIVE FREE OR DIE (imagine that being yelled by an old man with 5 teeth on his back porch holding a .22)

Stopped at a BofA to cash some checks, but since an ATM ate a paycheck a couple of weeks ago, I decided to cash it inside. WHICH IS ALSO STUPID. Because then your account isn't credited immediately. seriously. is it that hard to credit immediately? if your ATM can do it, why can't you? SILLY PANTS

AANNNYYYway. Got some Thai for lunch and then showed the Auntie around the Haight Street Market. I freakin' love that place. Cutest grocers in town, amiright? (yea, I'm right)

And I was convinced to do a 2 mile jog with Heidi and the dogs. AND I DIDN'T DIE. That's right, round of applause, please! It was rather epic. *wheeze wheeze*

And nova to watch the basketball game, then sushi bistro with Nikki and Elvis!

Phew. Long day, jetlag setting in.


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