Happy Birthday, Daddio!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I hope it was fantastic and I'm sorry I missed it. Buuut, I made bibimbop for dinner in your honor.

Today work = same old, same old :)

Heidi and Nate were both going to be back late (around nine) so I decided to make dinner. TO MY PINTEREST BOARD!

I decided to make Spice Roasted Carrots and Cheap Korean Beef. So off to Falletti I went. They have nice cashiers. Yes, yes they do.

But anyway... instead of regaling you with tales of my cooking... I prepared, chopped and mixed all of the ingredients beforehand so I could pop everything into the oven when everyone got home.

Prepping the carrots and browning the meat

Mmm... cook that meat
Frying the eggs and admiring the cooked carrots
Almost finished with Poor Man's Bibimbop

Finished Poor Man's Bibimbop
So, as you can see, I made bibimbop. Well, I wasn't planning on it. But I cooked the rice and the meat and such... Heidi took one look and said, "Excellent! Bibimbop for dinner!" Since the recipe I used was called cheap korean beef, I figured the "Poor Man" prefix worked quite well in this situation. Anyway. Threw a fried egg on top, used some Sriracha and we were set to go.

I promise I'll make you some when I get home, Dad.


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