Sunday Funday

Today was the end of your weekend. My weekend will hopefully start... well... Thursday? I love weekday weekends because all the fun places are EMPTY. SCORE.

So today. Sunday Funday. Totally routine, got up early and headed in at a reasonable hour. Then I got off work, got home and propped up my feet.

AND HAD A DINNER THAT WAS BOMB. My Auntie cooked it and Heidi's friend Scout came to visit. We prepared skewers with marinated beef and thai sausage, ate asian chicken salad and some fabulous bread. The capper was the Prosecco dessert with peaches, blueberries, lemon zest, and raspberries. Totally delicious.

Many topics were covered, some were normal, most were not.

Anyway. My 3 AM bedtime of last night is making this entry mercifully brief. But hey, at least I posted.



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