MUNI Sucks.

MUNI is the name of the San Francisco bus system. And it sucks.

Why does it suck? Because I left the house this morning with five minutes to catch the bus. Of course, I'm a block away and see it drive away, but that doesn't bother me. Why not? Because another bus will be along shortly.

WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I was there for another half hour. I was getting a bit anxious. You see, it takes about... ooooh... 40 minutes for me to get into work. A bus came at 9:35. I started work at 10.


The 71 Haight Noriega LTD finally decided to arrive. And I got to my stop at 9:49. Not enough time for the last 15 minutes of the trip.

But the 10 Townsend was chugging on by. I hopped on and clocked in at 10:02. Not bad, eh? ...damn, rereading this makes me realize this isn't a very interesting story.

After work, we went to a gourmet pizza food truck. When I say truck, I really mean it. This thing is inside a MONSTROSITY. It's called Del Popolo and it was totally awesome. We ate five pizzas between the four of us. We had a margherita pizza and another two yummy kinds, but since the menu changes whenever they feel like it, I don't know what I had exactly.

Anyway. Then we came home and I wrestled with a terrible internet connection...


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