In the tradition of jet-lagged people, I woke up late today. Of course... late central time. Here, I was up at 7.
However, like a sane person, I told my inner self to knock itself out. So I slept until 8. 


Both of these lovely dogs together would make such a task for lil' ol' me. So I took them one at a time to walk in the Panhandle (...Park...?) right outside. Stella made it to the door first, so she was the one who got to walk first. (Race down the stairs, I'm glad I wasn't in front of either.)

Both walks were pretty uneventful. Except. Oh my god. There are so many dogs here. I'm not kidding. NH...you have a few here and there... But not everyone walking them all around! Mind blowing. And then there was a shoe. A very nice shoe I might add. High heels, boots, brand new looking... It wasn't a pair lying around. I honestly think someone lost a shoe.

Or they just took it off and left it there for someone (like me) to blog about. 

Tilly's walk consisted of seeing even more dogs, plus a man doing yoga in the middle of the park. 

But the best part? I didn't get lost.


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