Lazy Thursday

I had an... interesting day today. Nate and Heidi told me to take the day off because they were overstaffed but suggested that if I really wanted to, I could come in around 2-3 to make more sandwiches. I thought this was a fine idea.

I slept in this morning, watched a couple of movies, basically vegged out. It was nice, let me tell you. Then I decided, around 1, that it would be a good idea if I headed to the bus stop to get to THE AMERICAN around 2.

Ha. Ha. Ha. In my dreams. I walked over half the city looking for the stupid bus stop. Six. Miles.
However, I saw some pretty interesting things, including a movie theatre advertising a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show on July 31st. (I so wanna go.)
But 4 hours later, I finally made it to Market Street and treated my success with a Trix ice cream bar. It was yummy.

I finally got to the restaurant and helped make the Moscone and Poppers and ate some fruit salad. Totally "delish".

I'm tired. That is all. Nothing witty to say.


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