First Day of Working!

I "woke up" this morning around 5:30 to get into work with Heidi to start the breakfast routine at THE AMERICAN. I think that the morning crowd thought I was older than I actually was because god forbid a teenager would be up before noon. :) We started off by making mixed berry muffins. (I had a leftover muffin from yesterday... it was so amazingly yummy!)
Afterwards, because I'm too young to use the slicer, I was set to work making roasted tomatoes. I really like the smell of roasted tomatoes. It felt like I sliced over 30 or 40 tomatoes, laying them flat before they were roasted. It smelled amazing (especially so early in the morning!)
Around 8 we opened up for the breakfast crowd and couldn't finish all the tomatoes, so we made some more french toast batter and put the bourbon sauce into a bottle for ease in serving.

I took my break before it got busy... so I got my first sandwich! A breakfast piglet, which was (according to the menu) a breakfast sandwich with sharp cheddar, ham, egg, and apple mustard.
Now, here's the thing... I don't like mustard. I have never liked mustard... but I think I just found the exception. The entire sandwich just worked so well, it was the perfect start to a day!

After breakfast, I was put in front of house and was put to making drinks! (It's a lot of fun making house sodas...) And sometimes running orders and scooping croutons. It was a fun, thankfully uneventful (knock on wood) first day...

And now I'm exhausted. Even though it's early... I'm gonna hit the sack soon... or at least take a nap.


(Did I mention I had a leftover blondie? Amazing? Yes? I now know why it's famous and sells out all the time. It was g-o-o-o-o-o-o-d!)

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