Front of House, Thy Name is Junior

Today was my second official day working at THE AMERICAN. And it started like this:

It was suggested last night that I shouldn't necessarily go in at 6:00 this morning and Nate and I should ride bikes to the restaurant. I've never been that comfortable riding bikes. Ever.... So, put into your mind the image of a cartoon.
Imagine me, as a cartoon, riding down a steep hill in traffic. In this cartoon, my arms would be up and I would be screaming my bloody lungs out. I wasn't actually screaming... but if I had been a cartoon, I would have been. Nothing like a good, "Hello humongous, titanic, iso, gigantic BIG hill! Thanks for that wake up, you work better than coffee!"

*Sigh*. I'm scarred, I truly am. Now, can we ride the bikes in tomorrow too? :)

Nate and I get to the restaurant around 7:30, just enough time to start setting up the patio and other things for opening. While the doors were open, a business man wandered in, looking for some breakfast and decided to wait around when he discovered that we weren't open for business yet.

I met the Tuesday crew and was lovingly introduced as "Junior"... I think this may be a nickname that's gonna stick. (They also came up with the ridiculous name of "Happy Meal"... I think Junior's gonna be the one that stays.) Now, to give you a picture, my staff shirt is a blue baseball tee of this lovely logo:

Awesome, no? Todd, one of the expediters and runners up front, has the same color shirt. About an hour into the work day, we start stamping some take out bags with the spatula logo. And today, I got my first tattoo.
Yes. My "tattoo" is a spatula stamp. However, Todd got one too... And instead of Nate and Junior running around, it was Todd and "Mini (Almost, But Not Quite) Me"

I'm planning on going to Haight street and buying some henna. First tattoo? A spatula. I'm just that cool.
I was unadventurous for breakfast, going with the delicious breakfast piglet a second time. However, I went outside to the South Park... park... and ate my sandwich with one of the delicious house sodas (the "Tart Black Cherry" flavor to be exact.) It was chilly out today, but when I came back in, it was all the warmer for freezing during breakfast.
I helped make the savory break pudding today during a lull in business up front. It smelled so good...no wonder why it sells out! (I'm always saying that... everything is so yummy... I'm a walking advertisement...)

Since I got in later than yesterday, I could legally work later today (I also rode the bike in and had no idea how to get home...). But when I got off, I realized that Mom had called several times, so I grabbed my delicious Moscone sandwich (made with fresh mozzarella, fontina, roasted tomatoes, basil-lavender pesto, and kalamata olive tapanade), house soda (grapefruit flavor) and blondie (from a slightly flawed batch) and headed off to the park.

I made a best friend. But he won't go anywhere with me. I mean.. I don't think stores will let him in. Him being a pigeon and all that. Sucks, I know. (I shared some of my blondie with him...)

However, it's time for the business class that's meeting for the first time this evening. Heidi's leading it...I'm excited!


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