After the multiple walks I took today with the doggies around the Panhandle, I went in to help with the makings of some of the final sandwiches for Monday's crowd.

First off, we stopped at Pinkie's Bakery to get some of the yummy bread that the grilled cheeses are made out of. (I have never seen so much bread in my life in one place. It smelled and tasted so good...and restored my belief in humanity.) Once we had the bread we needed, we drove down to THE AMERICAN. It was my first time there in day light and was super (yes, super) awesome.

We made veggie breakfast sandwiches, jalapeƱo poppers, sweet bread pudding (including the bourbon sauce...)
Did I mention...yum? Ok, I didn't think I did, so I'm just making sure.

I enjoy sandwiches. I truly do...


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