Today was cold. Cold. Cold. I shall say it one more time. COLD.

I slept through my alarm this morning, grabbing an extra 20 minutes of sleep (which doesn't seem like a lot, but it really, truly is.) When we got into work this morning, we found that the refrigerator had broken. Which = DELAYS.

(I'm very tired right now...soooo....)
Henna's Highlights:

  • I learned how to use the cash register and rang up orders.
  • I successfully had very nice conversations (Nate Style) with several customers.
  • Tried the Sunday Brunch (french toast, honey chevre, fig-ginger jam, bourbon sauce)!
  • Tried the Mushroom Gruyere (mushrooms, golden potatoes, fontina, gruyere, melted leeks, thyme butter)
  • Anita visited, even though I was a boring, exhausted lump. (We went to Haight...)
  • I took a nap and watched "What's Eating Gilbert Grape"!
Hm. Also one more thing...
My tattoo friend, Todd... has this lovely business....

Basically, for 9 bucks a month you get a new pair of stunners or... "stunnas" as my accent designates... (sunglasses)

Check it out. Totally worth it.

Good night!



  1. Tattoo friend... Hmmmmmm... If you get a tat - I get a tat... Nothing like a 57 year old man with the barbed wire tattoo around his upper arm... I'll be wrapping a pack of cigarettes in my T-shirt sleeve to show that one off... You'll be so proud of your old man.... HAHAHAHA

  2. And if you do that, it won't be my problem when your students laugh at you. I still have years in which it'll actually look ok. HAHAHAHA