Finally Here!

I finally made it to San Francisco after a lovely two weeks in Minnesota and a hellish day of travel to California.

So, sitting in Minneapolis airport after checking out baggage, the woman "monitoring" us says, "Kids, guys, you have to stay here until we're all ready to go..." Then, after a moment, she begins to laugh. "Oh, who am I kidding?!" She said... "I have all your boarding passes!"
I fail to see the humor in this, but to each their own.

So I check my baggage and it lets me check my most current itinerary. My flight to Denver has been delayed 20 minutes. Ok, 20 minutes is not as bad as it could be. However, another boy on my flight checks when he goes up. 45 minute delay. It's getting a bit ridiculous because we're hearing rumors of Tornado Watches and Lightning Storms. Very nerve wracking, lemme tell you.
I sit there, after they've changed my gate number so the delayed plane coming in would be able to do something or other... (Oops, I was listening to "Bohemian Rhapsody" instead of paying attention. Silly me.) Then suddenly, the worst happens. Lightning starts to flash all over the place and we all hear HORRENDOUS thunder. So, instead of saying that we can't take off, they (meaning the flight's crew) hustle us on as fast as they can check our little tickets.

I fly SouthWest. Yay me. (Free checked baggage, open seating, whoopdedoo.) I was in the section C 23. For those who don't know, it's way at the end of the boarding line.
I get on the plane, looking around for absolutely anywhere... um. Anywhere as far away from infants as I can manage. Fortunately, I spot an open seat in back, FAR away from youngins.

I garnered myself a seat in the middle of a boy scout troop... Fortunately, I had a very nice chat with one of these young boy scouts and learned a lot about California. I'm so lucky in conversations like that. I convinced him I was 21 and educated him in everything about Finnish music.
...He didn't pass the course though. He'd still rather listen to Eminem any day. (And I had him picked out as a classic rock guy. I guess my "rock-dar" is failing)

But thankfully, I did not miss my connecting flight in Denver. I came just in time as they were boarding section B. Yes, I was that one person that everyone stares at when they arrive, gasping, clutching their sides and wheezing while trying to laugh because they managed to catch the flight.

Lemme tell you, when in danger of missing your connection, making it is all the more sweet.

The last eventful thing was my actually finding baggage claim. It's hard to do that without glasses on.

So I made it. I'm finally here.


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