First Day Out!

So, as some people know, I am heading out to San Francisco for six weeks this summer to work for (I heard something about "indentured servant"...) my lovely cousin. And I figured, since I'm going to be gone, WHY NOT WRITE ABOUT IT?

Here it is. My "diary" of this summer. Hopefully there will be exciting things happening in my life that you will want to hear about. However, before I head out to California, I am stopping in Minnesota to go to camp for two weeks. But since this blog isn't about camp, I won't go into major details... (I won't have internet anyways and my memory is kinda bad, so I won't bore you too much with anecdotes about the lovely time I had there.)

But I have one story to share before my internet goes away...

I was sitting on the airplane, reading Pride & Prejudice (by Jane Austen, for those of you living under a rock). I was suddenly compelled to glance out the window as turbulence increased and saw, to my curiosity, an object that looked like a white pipe plummeting to the ground. Of course, I can assume it was an airplane landing, but for a split second, this thought ran through my mind:
"Oh shit. There goes Chicago."

Chicago is still there, obviously, else we would have heard about it on the news (maybe).

Have a wonderful two weeks and I will be back blogging on the seventeenth!


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