Day Off! (Post for 8.5.10)

On Thursday last week, I had the day off! So what did I do? Sleep, of course.

When I rousted myself from bed, I decided today would be a perfect day to visit Clement Street, home of Green Apple Books. I waited at the Buena Vista East bus stop for the 71 to get to Market Street. There's a bus stop to get to Clement right up the street from Second. And oddly enough, the bus I was taking to get to Clement was the 2! (Not that exciting...)
I had absolutely no idea where I was supposed to get off to get to Green Apple Books. Yay me. I was convinced I was going to spend several hours searching around and then get hopelessly (yes, hopelessly) lost. As usual. BUT I DIDN'T! (Applause please.) There was a stop right in front of the store. I felt like destiny had taken my aside and said, "Henna, today is not your day to get lost. Maybe tomorrow. Enjoy it."

Green Apple Books was epic. Books lined the shelves with them thrown in hodgepodge everywhere. It was like, book heaven. (Or Book Nirvana. Yeaaaa... that sounds significantly cooler.)

I bought a couple of books before I left (Piers Anthony and Mercedes Lackey books...) and decided to wander until I found good food to eat. And Clement Street happens to have a lot of dim sum. (YUM!)

As I was walking, I happened upon a place called Clement BBQ that had GIANT peking ducks in the window. As you all know, I am crazy for peking duck. Except not really, they just look really cool in windows. However, the next store window (which happened to be attached to the first) had some more interesting food inside. STEAMED PORK BUNSChar Siu Bao (steamed pork buns) happen to be my favorite type of dim sum. So I got two. Now, that picture is not one that I took, however, the size is comparable. They were almost the size of my head. (WHOA!) And so good. So, so good.

I decided it would be a good idea to get to the bus stop because I had gotten a text that we'd eat dinner on a new place outside the stadium. And (lo and behold!) right behind the bus stop was ANOTHER dim sum place. The bus wasn't due to arrive for another four minutes, so I ran inside for my desert... a LOTUS SEED BUN! As I was paying 50 cents (did I mention I got a whole mean for under 3 bucks?) for my lotus bun, the bus arrived. Jumping on, I started making my way back to Market Street.

The new place near the Stadium was actually having a party before their opening in the next few days. It was a mexican sports bar. Huge, very nice... but not very fun. So we left before eating and went to Tres Agaves instead. I had the ribs. They were so yummy :).


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