Orange Bleached Hair? (8.10.10)

Tuesday night! The night to start the hair dying process! (Now ain't that something exciting?) Heidi purchased Splat hair dye in a lovely pink color. And GUESS WHAT? ("What?" echoes an ever willing chorus of excited voices...) We bleached our hair! Now, seeing as Heidi is blondish, she didn't have to bleach for very long. I, on the other hand, had to have the nasty blue stuff in my hair for a good 70 minutes before it got to a nice... well... a nice... orange-y blonde-y bleached color?

It looked pretty awesome.

Except... we didn't really finish. My hair is still that orange-y blonde-y bleached color. Quite attractive. Maybe I'll just keep it that way.

Throughout this, we ate Kasa Indian take out while watching True Blood. Some evenings never change do they? :)


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