Thank God It's Friday, Right Guys? (8.6.10)

On Friday, I worked :) However, I still needed to get Nate a birthday present. Due to his great love of the HBO show True Blood... I figured I'd head over to a Hot Topic and grab him a 4-pack of Tru Blood (an energy drink modeled after the artificial blood drinks in the show). I went a couple days before and they didn't have any (ridiculous, right?)
So off I went to Clement Street again! (They sell the True Blood books. Heh heh.) However, after making my purchases, I was planning on making dinner again! Now what should we eat? Wandering around, I bought myself another steamed pork bun to help me think. Aha! Artichokes and fish! (I'm so smart.) So off I went to find the asian market on Clement. I milled around for about 2 hours before I decided on dinner.
I bought noodles, microwave-able rice (for my lunches sometime), aloe juice, several pounds of chicken drumsticks, 1lb of red snapper, 4 artichokes, a couple of oranges (for a couple of Blood and Sand cocktails). Now, this sounds expensive, but in reality, it was under 20 bucks. I love asian markets.
Thankfully, David (Nate's cousin) picked me up and bought a few more things he thought was needed for dinner (beer and ice cream mochi). We watched True Blood.


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