It's The Big Cheese's Birthday. And Don't You Forget It! (8.7.10)

Saturday was a ridiculous day at work. Well... it was like a Saturday. So many orders for the Sunday Brunch (honeyed chevre, ginger-fig chutney, french toast, and BROWN SUGAR BOURBON SAUCE). Yum.

However, this Saturday, it was different. IT WAS NATE'S BIRTHDAY! The big... (well, you'll have to ask him his age himself...) So after work, I headed home to make myself older. To... "put on my face" as one of my relatives was known to say. David and I ordered a cab to get to the first part of Nate's birthday bash; The Kabuki Sundance Theatre. The Kabuki Sundance Theatre is an independent theater, so it costs a little bit more to see a movie there. However, you get to select your own seat beforehand and the seats are super comfy. (Hooray for super comfy theater chairs. I can remember that one time watching Dark Knight...let's not get into that know.  Zoe, remember that lovely, lovely movie?)

We watched the movie Cyrus. The advertised catch phrase is: "John met the woman of his dreams, then he met her son." Very true. Funny movie.. go see it...

After the movie, it was time to get some eats. FOOD. Yes. So we headed over to Fat Angel. Mom, I drank water.

We got back at... 1? Maybe? I went right to sleep. Hooray! Happy birthday Big Cheese!


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