I Eat Blood

Tilly is a couch licker. No really, she was sitting on the couch, licking it for a good half hour. It was a bit excessive.

I didn't post last night because I didn't think my life was exciting enough. BUT WHO CARES. I DON'T. MUAHAHAHA.

I worked the late shift at the restaurant last night and got out around 7:00. And I was starving for food and literature. I've been reading a new book every few days and I just started 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. I'm only ninety pages in, but it's quite interesting. I've never read anything by a Japanese author before... I'm excited to do some style comparisons to other languages.

Dinner was on the mind so we went and got take out from Chile Pies (Sweet & Savory) and ate ALL THE FOOD. But it was really good.

Nate got back from Chicago today and declared that we should eat brunch. Because he was hungry.

Magnolia's does a pretty good brunch. No complaints about their steak and eggs.

Tonight we were hosting a baby shower at the restaurant. It was the big baby gender reveal, so everyone guessed when they got in and wore a sticker with either a mustache (boy) or a pair of lips (girl). However, one of the older gentlemen explained that the symbols on these stickers were silly because boys had lips and every woman gets a mustache as she grows older. It was a good time.

I was exhausted once it was finished. Very very tired. But I got to try a JALAPENO POPPER. It took me three summers. It's freaking awesome.

We drove around for a bit afterwards before finding a German place for dinner. The waitress was very sweet.

I asked her if she would recommend either the wild boar sausage or blood sausage.
"Do you like blood?"

The blood sausage was bomb awesome.


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