The Bus is Full of Crazies

All of them. And they take the buses I always take.

Work was long yesterday. We had a huge build... etc etc. There was a 40 sandwich order at the beginning of our lunch rush, so everything was backed up 35 minutes. It was somewhat stressful.
So I skedaddled as soon as I could and ran off with Nate, Heady and Handsome Dan to band practice.

Handsome Dan brought his dog, Morrison, so I had some good company. I hadn't eaten, so I left for a bit to find something (anything) to eat. Hello Chili Lemon Garlic Thai Cafe! Thank you for the pineapple fried rice.
Dark picture, but Morrison isn't any less cute.

Today was pretty uneventful... except for the pregnant woman on my bus trading cigarettes. It was. Wow.

I was on the bus headed into my biometrics appointment so they could TAKE MY FINGERPRINTS. But the 21 Hayes (which I took to avoid that bus driver on the 6 Parnassus) broke down on Market St, so everyone on the bus had to get on the second 21 Hayes behind us.

You'll be excited to know that when I got off the bus to walk to my appointment, I never got lost. I even got there 20 minutes early. I thought it would be kind of like the DMV, but they asked for my passport and appointment paper and as I was being given a number, they called my number.

The woman who fingerprinted me was super nice. She asked if I was going abroad to study, what I was studying... (Psychology and Statistics in case you were wondering) We proceeded to have a discussion about child psychology and how siblings interact. She made the whole thing very pleasant. Conversation (mostly) distracted me from noticing that I have scars on every single one of my fingers. I think. Yichh.

But I did some grocery shopping and tried to cobble together dinner. I'll probably buy some sort of meat tomorrow to go with my veggies, fruits and carbs. *sigh* And I even used the exercise bikes and did push ups and stuff. My body is going to haaaaate me tomorrow.

Work tomorrow and hopefully some jogging with the dogs!


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