No, I'm Not Swiss

I have a pretty awesome sweatshirt. It's my dorm sweatshirt. It's a rip off of the lifeguard sweatshirt -- red, cross in the middle... etc.

I got on the bus to go to work this morning and the bus driver stops me by asking, "Where's your sweatshirt from?" And, as usual, I tried to lie except I hadn't had my coffee yet. So I told him it was my dorm sweatshirt.

Oh. My. God. There was absolutely no way I could get out of that conversation. It was too late to pretend I couldn't speak english and the other excellent excuses I have failed me.

When I was finally to 3rd and Market (one stop away from my stop), he asked for my email address so we could watch an improv show on Thursday.

...I might have given him a fake email and told him that I worked through every lunch shift known to man before I got off at my stop...

It was awkward.

I made poor man's bibimbop again! This time with carrots, zucchini, spinach and enoki... mmm good. I'll post pictures when my phone sends them to my computer.
Told you I'd post it.


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