So after waking up at the crack o' dawn after the wedding party and heading to work, I discovered something completely and totally tragic.

My shoes suck.

Why do they suck? (I know you're probably wondering desperately.) It's because I wear converse. SHUSH, CONVERSE LOVERS, LET ME FINISH. It's because there is absolutely no cushioning/padding/anything to support the arches of my feet. Therefore, my feet hurt like a canine of the feminine persuasion. mehehehe, did you catch that?

But the crowning moment of yesterday was a midnight showing of "The Room" at the Red Vic on Haight Street. "The Room" has been credited as the worst movie ever made. Tommy Wiseau spent 6 million of his own dollars on this film because no studio would take it (he always wanted to be the lead actor, the director, the producer and the head writer... strange man).

IT WAS LIKE ROCKY HORROR. Audience participation out the wazoo, throwing spoons all over the place, yelling things like "Sestoterone" and "Cancer". It was hysterical, but also sad. It was the last time "The Room" will be shown at the Red Vic because they are going out of business. The last movie they're showing will be "Harold and Maude". "Harold and Maude" is the story of the original cougar (to quote Heidi).

Simple Awesomeness.


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