Sickness DAY 2

I woke up a bit earlier yesterday... (something to be said for sleeping 18 hours) and turned on my phone for instructions to walk Stella. Tilly was, unfortunately, at the dog shrink, for trying to eat a Pomeranian. (I mean, come on, doesn't that sound like an appetizer? I'd eat a Pomeranian too if it was on the menu...)

Stella and I went out for some lo-key, slow moving walkies. Pretty seed* if I do say so myself. We got back and both of us lounged on the couch. All day. Because I hate moving when my throat hurts.

I watched How I Met Your Mother *extremeexcitement*! I love that show!

When Heidi and Tilly came back, we made plans for some risotto along with some awesome roasted cauliflower for dinner. To get the goods to make this awesome dinner, Heidi dropped me off at the Haight Street Market. Enter awkward grocer who has no idea how to pick up women.

Grocer: Hey, whatchya doin' with those prawns?

Henna: Making dinner...?

Grocer: Oh yea?

Henna: Yea?

*Insert another awkward man who unwittingly tried to cut everyone else in line*

Grocer: Oh man, people like that. So unaware of everything, you know?

Henna: *awkward laugh* Yea, totally... I deal with people like that at my job too...

Grocer: *insert awkward "Oh, where do you work? Grilled cheese? Awesome man! I love grilled cheese, I'll have to come check you out." here*

Henna: Oh... yea... you definitely should...

*side note: I don't blame the man who accidentally cut in line. This grocer was chaaaatty. Couldn't get away without it being totttaaallly awkward.

So dinner was yummy, then I swallowed some Ben & Jerry's cherry garcia fro-yo, because that %&$@ is awesome for sore throats!


*seed: awesome, legendary, etc.

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