Back From The Playa

So this weekend was quite relaxing because I was in a desert (Black Rock to be specific) in Nevada. I sat around all day, drinking soda (and water, because that's healthy) and reading. I also started my driving lessons! Wooooooooooo! I actually went up to 60 mph I've never done that before.... But the best part was late in the day when the sun was less intense. Especially when it looked like this:

Yea, yea... could be anywhere. But it's still beautiful

On our way back home, we drove through Sparks (?), Nevada and stopped at the Applebee's. Oh man, that was true family style eating right there (gag). Being a bit suntoasted, I was not in the mood for not so good food. I was disappointed. (No I wasn't... I just didn't care. Heidi and Nate were saddened by the quesadilla burger.)

Today was the first day we were opened after the long weekend. (Oh yea, Happy Fourth of July to all y'all 'mericans.) And I met, completely randomly by-the-by, one of my friend's older brother. He came up to the register and the first thing that came into my head was, "Holy *insertexpletivehere*! He looks exactly like her! Miiiiind_________" So I nervously waited a little bit before asking him outright. Crazy random happenstances all over the city :D

Tonight we went to Tsunami, a great sushi place on Divisadero. I got some fried baby octopii and went to heaven. Sometimes, fried baby things are the way to go.


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