Happy Independence Day, Y'all!

Today was relaxing. Very relaxing. I woke up at nine to Heidi and Sharon leaving for rock climbing and Stella passed out on my feet. 

I, again, cooked myself some breakfast, turned on my relaxing playlist (first track is "Moonlight Serenade") and brought everything to the patio. I hooked the dogs up to some rope, dragged out the doggie beds and finished my book, "Anansi's Boys" by Neil Gaiman.

I had to investigate to find the other books in the house. I eventually settled on "Maskerade"by Terry Pratchett. So I lounged in the sun and read for 5 1/2 hours. And of course, walked the dogs every now and then. It was quite peaceful.
View on the Patio
Mmm, breakfast. Had to sweeten my coffee with honey.
Tilly being all shy and stuff. 
"Oh, don't look at me!" 
Stella trying to bake herself in the morning sun. 
Didn't even want to consider moving to the shade.

After reading my books and walking the dogs, the lovely rock climbing ladies returned home and we all climbed in the hot tub to relax and wait for our dinner reservations. We were going to a place that charged just one price for the meal (multiple courses), overlooked the lake and provided an excellent place to see the fireworks. Oh, and the waiter was very nice... and pretty. He was very pretty.

Our view... which conveniently includes a mini flag.
Starting the show. Ooooh. Ahhhh.
This one made a HUGE bang.


During our meal, there was a beautiful great dane who was sitting on the lawn outside the porch. He was a blue-gray color... which is probably why his name was "Blue". We fed him some scraps from our steak, which he veryyyy happily chomped away on. He was a familiar at the restaurant (Dockside 700), known for licking the waiters' faces off.

The fireworks were gorgeous and all in all, another successful 4th of July. Tahoe's been lovely. 

Tomorrow: Return to San Francisco!


Oh. And this, you might enjoy this.

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