Ferry Adventure Time!

I worked from 11:40 to 3:00 so I could run to the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero!

This is what I saw on my adventures:

The Bay Bridge Going to Treasure Island

Sculpture: Cupid's Bow (I Think)

Cast of Dead Animal Fossils -- San Fran is Weird

As you can see, this part of San Fran is sunny and different from the other parts. It was a fun walk. And when I got over to buy my ferry ticket, I realized that I could still pay the CHILD FEE! (10-18 I think) It was 4.50 instead of the 6.00 of just using my clipper card. SCOREEEE.

When I got off at Larkspur Landing, I realized I didn't know/remember what Heidi's friend, Sharon, looked like. But suddenly someone was yelling "HANNAH" and I figured it out quickly.

It took us four hours to drive to Lake Tahoe. But on the way, we got cheese and crackers, Starbucks, and a California MEGA MILLIONS TICKETS! Maybe I'll be able to pay for college, yea?

We got to the cabin at 10:30, ate our cheese and crackers and then decided that the hot tub out back was an excellent idea. And maaan, it was. There was a full moon and everything.


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